The Bride Of Christ’s Inheritance

The bride of Christ; the true church is coming into her spiritual inheritance.

Recently I saw the bride coming into a place of deep revelation.  Her life is totally dedicated to the Lord.

There are new, fresh places of worship.  New songs of intimacy are in her heart and on her lips.  She sings the songs of Heaven and earth abounds.  Her intercession is heard by the Father and He responds.

Understanding of the Word is fresh and powerful as she is taught by the Wisdom of the Ages.  Revelatory teaching is released as her mind is renewed to that of Christ.

A mantle of fire is placed upon her as she walks in power and dominion crushing the works of the enemy under her feet.


As the bride moves into this place of holiness and oneness with the Lord, the enemy comes against her trying to cause her to fall into his trap and snare.  He will send lies and accusation against her trying to cause her to anger and lose her peace.  The enemy wants the bride to be the accuser of the brethren.  But the true bride will be so in love with Jesus and walk in such unity with the Father she will have the Wisdom of the Ages and discern the enemy’s tactics and disarm him with the spoken word.

The bride puts on the full nature of Christ and therefore remains Christ centered walking in perfect unity with the Father.  The banner over her is VICTORY!  Nothing can shake her world as the God of peace walks with her; she rests in His peace and subdues the enemy.

She does not fear man or the enemy; she walks in the faith of God and releases power by the Holy Spirit.  In the name of Jesus she moves those mountains of human resistance.